Public Order Policing Report
Executive Summary

This report, requested by the Policing Authority, is an examination of the effectiveness of public order policing by the Garda Síochána. It explores a number of themes, including: strategy, governance and accountability; capability and capacity; operational delivery; and post-incident management.

The report identifies areas of good practice but also found that there are diffused governance arrangements in place for managing the Garda response to public order incidents, leading to inconsistent application of Garda policy. Another finding was that the Garda Síochána has not developed a formalised public order strategic assessment of threat and risk.

On 24th June the Policing Authority questioned the Garda Commissioner on the implementation of the recommendations from our inspection on Public Order Policing. The exchange was very positive and can be viewed by clicking on the button below.

Policing Authority meeting with Garda Commissioner discussing implementation
of Public Order Recommendations (YouTube video will open in a new tab)