The Garda Síochána Inspectorate welcomes the release today by the Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence of the Inspectorate’s eighth report entitled Front-Line Supervision. The report, presented to the Minister for Justice and Equality in April 2012 by the then Chief Inspector Kathleen O’Toole, examines the level and quality of supervision of front-line staff with particular focus on the role of uniformed sergeants and the way in which front line services are overseen and supervised. There are eleven recommendations in the report which address the existing barriers that undermine the effectiveness of front-line services and highlight the fact that deployment of front-line supervision is paramount, particularly in these times of economic constraint. As part of the review into front-line supervision the Inspectorate benchmarked the Garda Síochána against best international standards of comparable police services. In addition, the Inspectorate held focus group meetings in several Garda districts to hear the perspectives of both urban and rural front-line gardaí.

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