The Garda Inspectorate welcomes the publication today by the Minister for Justice and Equality of the Inspectorate’s eleventh report, Changing Policing in Ireland. This report arises from the Haddington Road Agreement 2013-2015 which provided for a review of the Garda Síochána. The Inspectorate was requested to examine all aspects of the administration and operation of the Garda Síochána including the structure, organisation, staffing and the deployment of members and civilian staff (garda staff) to appropriate roles. The report makes 81 recommendations for change, many of which can be delivered at low or no cost. The core aim of the review is to modernise and restructure the Garda Síochána to ensure the greatest proportion of personnel is deployed to front-line policing services. Chief Inspector Robert K. Olson said: The Garda Síochána can no longer afford to let the past dictate the future. This review is about changing policing in Ireland to deliver a more visible, accessible and responsive service.

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